“Omoh This One Na Better Wife on”– Koko Zaria Wife, Actress Omolola Shower Pray On Him Few Hours After Portable Called Him Out

Omolola Aromasodun, the devoted wife of the renowned road transport worker Koko Zaria, has taken to social media to shower heartfelt prayers and appreciation on her husband. This gesture comes just hours after Koko Zaria was called out by an unidentified individual for allegedly having intimate relationships with other women.

Undeterred by the controversy, Omolola Aromasodun, in a post on her official page, expressed gratitude for God’s goodness in her husband’s life. She publicly acknowledged Koko Zaria’s dedication to caring for their children and commended him for being a responsible father to their family.

In a touching message filled with love and emojis, she referred to him as her “Godfather for life” and expressed her deep appreciation for all he does. Her post reflects a genuine admiration for Koko Zaria’s qualities as a father, emphasizing the significance of his role in the family.

The heartfelt prayer she offered for her husband underscores the desire for his well-being, success, and, above all, good health throughout the coming year. The post also serves as a declaration of unwavering loyalty, as she pledges her allegiance to him, addressing him as “egbon mi dada” (my respected elder brother).

The fans, in response to the post, flooded the comments section with various love emojis, showcasing their support and admiration for the couple. The online community’s positive reaction highlights the power of social media in not only amplifying personal narratives but also in generating collective expressions of love and encouragement.

Omo olomu aparan
My Godfather for life 🥰
I want to use this medium to appreciate God’s grace upon life.
Thank you so much for all you do.
You’re the best father anyone could ever ask for.
I pray that God continue to bless you richly and that this year bring forth the best in you. Amen
Above all I ask for Good health. May never have a read to mourn this year.
U know why I love u because u are a good father and I will loyal to you forever egbon mi dada ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ @kokozaria_americaboy @oyindamolaolope

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng