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“Please help me find her, I have a million for her” – Kizz Daniel set to reward a smart kid who did justice to his song “Twe Twe” (Video)

Kizz Daniel’s decision to reward a talented kid with N1 million for her exceptional performance in the #TweTwe challenge exemplifies the evolving dynamics of artist-fan engagement through social media. The artist-fan relationship has transformed into an interactive and participatory experience, where challenges like #TweTwe create a positive connection between artists and their audience.

The recent incident unfolded when a group of little girls, adorned in native attire, showcased their impressive dance skills to Kizz Daniel’s hit track “Twe Twe.” A standout moment occurred when a smart kid flawlessly recited the song’s lyrics without the music playing in the background. The captivating video, shared on Kizz Daniel’s Instagram page, captured hearts as the young talent displayed not only verbal prowess but also incredible gestures synced with the music.

Impressed by the exceptional performance, Kizz Daniel expressed his admiration for the smart kid and announced a generous reward of N1 million for her. This gesture not only highlights the artist’s appreciation for fan creativity but also serves as a testament to the impact of social media challenges in promoting music and fostering a deeper connection with the audience.

Kizz Daniel’s call to find the talented kid, coupled with the promise of a significant reward, adds an exciting element to the #TweTwe challenge. The artist’s proactive engagement with fans not only amplifies the reach of his music but also creates a sense of inclusivity, where fans feel valued and recognized for their contributions.

As the search for the gifted youngster unfolds, the online community is likely to be captivated by the unfolding narrative, celebrating the intersection of talent, social media, and the genuine appreciation artists express for their dedicated fans. This interactive approach demonstrates the evolving landscape of the music industry, where fan participation becomes a driving force in promoting and celebrating artists and their work.

Kizz Daniel wrote; “@yinkuss_dc Help us find her … I have a Million for her and a gift for anybody wey bring her to me 🫳 approved #twetwechallenge.”

Watch the video below;

mhiz_classy1: Me as an adult sef never sabi the song well😂.

prettyogedee: When I Dey her age na…..”There’s fire on the mountain” and “Today is bright” I Dey sing 😂 Children of nowadays.

_josephmomodu: Chaiii all these GEN Z pikin 😂😂.

See reactions below;

otorroseline: What a smart kid Even me no too sabi.

oma_wills: Brilliant girl 👏, I can’t even sing it, na only twe twe part I know 😂.

queenofdsun: I don’t even know d lyrics like her 😂😂.

mhiz_phunmzy: Where are they seeing all these reincarnated grandparents like this😂😂😂😂😂😂.

juan_ukas: We just dey born our ancestors 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.