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“It’s Must Be His Wife’s Hand Bag”– Reaction As Kamo State Spot With White Woman Hand Bag At Malaika All White Yacht Party

Popular comedian Kamo State has sparked a flurry of reactions after being spotted with a white handbag at the Malaika All White Yacht Party. The video, shared by Instagram blogger Emiralty Africa, has raised questions about whether this marks a new trend in fashion or if Kamo State is venturing into a style reminiscent of personalities like Bobrisky and James Brown.

Renowned for his comedic prowess rather than his fashion sense, Kamo State’s choice of accessory has ignited curiosity and speculation among fans and followers. The video captured him in a moment when there was no one sitting with him, leaving room for speculation about the ownership of the distinctive handbag.

The comparison to figures like Bobrisky and James Brown, known for their bold and unconventional fashion choices, adds an extra layer of intrigue to Kamo State’s unexpected accessory. Whether this is a deliberate style statement or a mere fashion experiment remains to be seen, but it undeniably adds an element of unpredictability to the comedian’s public persona.

As the video circulates and opinions on social media multiply, Kamo State’s venture into this unique fashion territory becomes a subject of both fascination and debate, leaving fans to ponder whether this marks a shift in his public image or simply a playful fashion moment at a social event.

Fans have begged God to please not to allow him to be the one who owns the bag.

Emiralty Africa Wrote: Spot @kamo_state white handbag at Malaika’s All White Yacht Party.

See The few social media reaction that was drafted below;

Empress_2ybee1 wrote: Who own that white hand bag ? Please God let it not be him 😂

Aishalawal wrote: @kamo_state what is ds bayi toriolohun 😂😂😂😂

Arewa_opeyemi8 wrote: He was the one 😂😂

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