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“Justice will be served, I will soon deal with Sepeteri too” Lizzy Anjorin declares as she arrests 7th market woman in theft accusation saga

Actress Lizzie Anjorin recently provided an update to her social media followers regarding the theft accusation case that unfolded a few weeks ago.

She disclosed that the market woman who accused her of theft had been brought to court and subsequently remanded in prison. Additionally, Lizzie emphasized the importance of those who falsely accused her of conducting a fake transfer to present evidence to support their claims, including any allegations of gold theft.

Despite acknowledging that justice may take time to prevail, Lizzie assured her fans and followers that it will ultimately be served. She expressed gratitude to everyone who supported her throughout the challenging ordeal.

Now recall that some weeks back, actress Lizzie Anjorin had gone viral on social media platforms after a video of her was captured in the market while being mobbed by a group of persons in the market.
They had levelled allegations against her as they loudly expressed that she stole and had used bank allowance to buy some things.

However, Lizzie Anjorin came out the next day to reveal that it was all a set up while she also hinted at the fact that actress Iyabo Ojo might have also set her up.

Recall that in the past months, Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin have been in a long term feud with the two of them constantly insulting and trolling each other. Also, Iyabo Ojo following the viral video of Lizzie Ann Doreen stealing had come out to rejoice. She had uploaded a video of herself dancing and singing while laughing. Most netizens believe that was a subtle way of throwing shade at Lizzy Anjorin