Just Egypt way you go You Come Dey Oppress people Because You Go Cairo,If You Come Enter Canada or Yankees Nko, Fans Tell Sisi Quadri As He Drop New Video From Cairo

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Nollywood actor Sisi, who recently embarked on a trip to Cairo, Egypt, has been extremely active in sharing captivating photos and videos on social media.

In a new video update, the actor disclosed that he is currently at the Cairo Festival City Mall, relishing his time there.

He playfully used the term “father” and intriguingly invited people to refer to him as “baba ebu 1,” with the reason behind this moniker known only to him.

Sisi Quadri, presently savoring a holiday in Cairo, exudes sheer excitement about his inaugural international travel, considering it a significant milestone in his illustrious movie career.

While the actor shared his joy in a post, some fans playfully questioned why he appeared so proud of traveling to Egypt and asked how he would react if he visited European countries.

In his own words: “Them father. Call me baba ebu 1. Cairo Festival City Mall ♥️”

You can watch the video below for more details.

Infotrend compiled a selection of comments from his social media post:

Akinleye902: How many days have you been there, and you’re already looking so fresh?

Sanusiheedris: Why are you showing off in Cairo like this? What if you visit Canada or the United States?

Chopper_whyte: Egbon mi, don’t forget your roots in Osogbo; make sure you bring back some Ewa (beans) to complement your designer shoes! 😂😂😂

Alissamartins2: Is this the only pair of trousers you took with you? 😢

Starlovers_blog: Please, be kind to people in Cairo, don’t insult them too much! 😂😂😂😂

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng