Just Be Care, Be Very Careful, Drama As Fans Set To Release Actress Motilola Akinlami Video Tape Following Her Comment On Moyo Lawal Viral Video (Watch Intro)

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Actress Motilola Akinlami reacted to the private tape of her colleague Moyo Lawal Which surfaced a few hours ago.

The actress who revealed her own opinion on why many of the celebrities are eager to watch their colleague’s s+x tape, went further revealing that if such energy is used for their movies they will have made more money.

A few hours after she shared her view on the Moyo Lawal S+x tape, A user identified as Mohzadd warned her to be very very careful and watch her words because she might be the next victim.
The actress replies to the comment instantly witho ut any form of delay asking him what he means, but it seems the both of them have something in common.

The Guy Wrote: Just be careful..Be very careful..

She Wrote: if you choose to watch another
woman’s sex tape..we can assume you watched it out of curiosity but why share it??? if you have shared that video, you are
just as evil as whoever released it…! MY OPINION

The Post Caption: All of a sudden una don turn journalist on top person matter, if you use this same energy to push your movies on YOUTUBE, at least you go make money….

Una turn Judge,Jury and Executioner on top person matter…!

Eni Ile mo ba ni Barawo…ke ko advise Danu 🤡

See Her Post Below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng