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“They Sold My Car Without My Knowledge But God Open Another Away For Me”– Joy As Portable Acquired Brand New GLE 350 Worth Over 60million Naira

In a recent turn of events, the renowned Street Singer Portable has taken to social media to announce his association with a new car dealership after parting ways with Unique Motors, the seller of his previous G-Wagon. Expressing gratitude, Portable openly appreciated God for granting him another opportunity to acquire a stunning GLE 350, an automotive marvel valued at over 60 million Naira.

Sharing his excitement with fans and followers, Portable revealed that the new car dealership provided him with a substantial discount, allowing him to secure the luxurious GLE 350 for a remarkable 50 million Naira. The singer’s candid disclosure about the discount, which amounted to over 10 million Naira, sparked admiration and applause from fans, highlighting his shrewd negotiation skills in the realm of car acquisitions.

Portable’s journey from dissociating with Unique Motors to celebrating a new milestone with the purchase of the GLE 350 showcases resilience and an unwavering spirit. The singer’s commitment to success and his ability to navigate the intricacies of the car market have not only captured the attention of fans but have also set a precedent for those aspiring to similar feats within the entertainment industry.

As the news of Portable’s latest car acquisition continues to circulate, the artist’s triumph serves as both an inspiration and a testament to the opportunities that come with dedication and a positive outlook. Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing more milestones in Portable’s career, both in the musical and personal realms, as he continues to make strides in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Alhamdulilahi 🙏🙏🙏 Who Get God No Dey Carry Last 💪 God don bless Mugun Forever if you no work you no go chop if them no chop for your body you no go wise up wake up focus on what makes you happy 1 door close 3 more will Open Aje Olokun Opelope Olohun Na Me Buy am by myself Motor Pass Motor This One Na Benz Ooo 50m Kwe @temmybj82 @sanwo_money1 who go help you no go stress you Motor Na 60m them remove 10m say I be super star ⭐️ dey no gimme ambassador ooooo , nah but I buy ham oooooo

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Amara_shuga wrote: Portable fit get money for account pass kesh oh,make una no whine Jesus

Ologomedia wrote: Motor, come separate , documents come separate😂😂 portable pity for us na

Ceo_m.k_black7 wrote: Na wo for Nigeria oh GLE 350 don reach 50 million now now 👏 well congratulations sha

__nnandom wrote: Make una help me tell portable say na ml 350 he buy o nor be gle 😂abeg fans GLE ? ML NI?

___body911 wrote: Lol ambassador for unique motors Don go buy motor from another dealer o😂

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