Join witchcraft for your kids, Lizzy Anjorin advises celebrity mothers

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Controversial Nigerian actress Lizzy Anjorin has offered unconventional advice to celebrity mothers in the wake of singer Mohbad’s tragic passing. Her suggestion, which proposes that celebrity mothers should consider joining witchcraft to protect their children, has garnered significant attention and sparked a wide range of reactions from the public and fellow celebrities.

Mohbad’s untimely death deeply affected many Nigerians, given that he passed away at the young age of 27 under controversial circumstances.

Known for her candid and outspoken nature, Lizzy Anjorin made this unexpected statement in a live video, advising mothers with sons in the music industry to take extreme measures, including joining occult groups, to ensure that their deceased child is not brought home to them.
In her words, “To all of you that have children, you mothers that know your children are into music, that you did not go and join a secret cult or witchcraft, don’t let it be that your dead child would be brought home to you.”

Watch her speaks below:

Nigeria actress Iyabo Ojo who is a full chest supporters of Labour Party has vow to believe and support All Progressive Congress (APC) if they can get justice for the late singer, Mohbad.

In a post on her Instagram page, Iyabo Ojo called for an autopsy and investigation into the death of Mohbad, saying his spirit was crying for justice.

Iyabo revealed that everything she read about him made her shed tears as she further noted how he cried out and no one listened to him.

She wrote, “Honestly, I will believe and support APC if Mohbad can get justice. That boy’s soul is crying for justice.

Autopsy needed. Investigation is seriously needed. Every day I read something about him shared a tear. No, he cried out & no one listened to him.

How? Nooooo, It’s not my business should be canceled at this moment, it’s everybody’s business. His soul needs to rest”

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