Jigan No Fit Fighht Man Again Na Woman, Jigan Babaoja Stir Reaction As He Show His Boxing Skills For Two Beautiful Ladies

Nollywood actor Jigan Babaoja recently shared an entertaining video on social media, showcasing his boxing skills while playfully challenging his colleagues. In the video, Jigan was seen having fun with two beautiful ladies, teasing and playfully challenging them. However, things took a humorous turn when his friend Amuda Eko had to step in and tell him to stop harassing the ladies.

Jigan then transitioned from joking around with the women to demonstrating his boxing prowess, engaging in playful sparring with various people. Despite the pleas from those around him to stop, he continued behaving like a superhero.

In a playful and humorous tone, Jigan referred to himself as a “world champion” in the video, a title he bestowed upon himself. He used the video to wish his fans a happy new month and offered prayers for a great month ahead. Jigan’s playful antics in the video provided some light-hearted entertainment for his followers and fans.

He Wrote: Happy new month ! I pray that this new month will bring blessings to everyone of us 🙏 Watch the funny video below:

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng