Jeje Lomo Eko Nio, Lizzy Anjorin hails herself amidst social media fight

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In the midst of a social media drama involving herself, Esabod, Iyabo Ojo, and other personalities, Nigerian actress Lizzy Anjorin has hail herself as a calm and gentle woman.

Lizzy shares photo of herself and her husband, Alhaji Lateef Lawal using the Yoruba phrase “Jeje Lomo Eko Nio,” which translates to “Easy going person”.


Although the mother of two didn’t mention name but taking to the comment section, fans and followers assumed that she talking to Lizzy Ajorin.

One fan wrote, ” One thing I hate about this fracas you all don’t say the truth even if is once , so you all are blind when Mummy hanna mayowa has been cursing heavily on iyabo ojo and Children’s for months now or you all don’t see when lizzy herself has been shading iyaba ojo, Toyin Abraham, mercy aigbe even wunmi toriola,even bimbo afolayan that she is posting on her page lizzy have been been using indirectly shade for bimbo afolayan about her products for months now no single day lizzy will do show that she will not shade her colleagues when they open house she will say is fake even bimbo afolayan that she is posting on her page she still shade the girl about her products are fake ,so if iyabo decide to reply lizzy self is iyabo not right ,talkless of she is just joking ,i will not say because am not esabod fan then i shouldn’t say the truth ,so because lizzy is fighting esabod iyabo too must fight esabod , let’s be real for once you all don’t see when mummy hanna mayowa has been calling iyabo daughter ashewo all this month ,so let’s even say iyabo is shading lizzy is iyabo not right ? Na only lizzy dey dey always offend lizzy no dey offend anyone or is because lizzy and esabod is fighting iyabo too must fight esabod how many of us are like that in real life? let’s be real to each other, take a look at abefe Roberts she is talking with oosha and Oosha and Abike Jagaban don’t talk must she fight with oosha because of Abike Jagaban the answer is No. Lizzy now you claimed iyabo ojo fuck pastor what of you did you think people don’t know your past at all even your present 🤔 you also slept with one babaalawo in Tapa for power ,all the famous pastor you slept with we know all of them aje and the oba you are still sleeping with till today ,lizzy gbenu oshi e so you are just a dir#ty bi£#tch ug@ly you are just classless look at your self on live today doing gbemora for Mercy Aigbe did you think mercy will fight iyabo ojo nii you think mercy herself don’t know you all of the Nollywood understand you baje baje they just keep quiet because you are oloshi eda ,when you are living in abule egba side wey you dey do obo day tgst year then, how many abe igi anu cancus you don”

In a recent video by Lizzy Anjorin, she shade Iyabo Ojo by calling her ‘O Obo Rubber’ and accused her of doing hook-up in the presence of her family.

How it all started started
According to information on circulating on social media, the brouhaha started when Lizzy reportedly taken offence with Iyabo’s humoured action at a senior colleague, Lola Alao’s Canada shop where she demonstrated how certain Facebook bloggers have mastered the art of flaunting their egos and faking their statuses.

Iyabo had allegedly displayed to Lola’s amusement how the ‘so-called Facebook celebrities’ attack one another online, spilling long-kept dark secrets about their targeted opponents using the attack to promote their fabric business. Those who should know have said Iyabo’s action was a veiled attack on Lizzy Anjorin with whom she reportedly nurses silent grudge.

Meanwhile, few hours after Iyabo’s displays, Lizzy came on her Facebook page to respond to those she called “3-some celebrities”. She alleged in her diatribe that the subject’s wealth has no meaningful and moral basis other than through warming the beds of different men, among other allegations.

See her post below:

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng