Iyawo Star, Star Ni, Ashabi Simple Said As She Share Love Up Pictures With Portable Few Hours Omobewaji Unviel Her Second Store Online.

Nollywood actress Ashabi Simple has recently shared a lovely picture alongside Portable on her Instagram page. She affectionately referred to Portable as her “MCW” (Man Crush Wednesday) in recognition of his support for her clothing store, which specializes in selling a variety of joggers for both men and women, as well as adults who enjoy wearing this style.

This display of camaraderie and affection between the two public figures has garnered attention and engagement from their fans, making it clear that their connection extends beyond their professional lives. The comments section of the shared photo reflects their playful banter and mutual admiration for each other. This bond is appreciated by their respective followers and adds a touch of warmth and friendship to the entertainment industry.

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