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“I’ve given birth to 4 grown children” – Mother with baby face cries out as young people constantly toast her, ask for her number

A stunning mother of four, who maintains a youthful appearance, has taken to social media to share her amusing encounters with young people who mistakenly assume she is within their age group and attempt to flirt with her.

The mother of four, known as @theintentionaltwinmum, participated in the “Of Course” challenge to share her experiences and shed light on the misconceptions she faces regularly.

In her candid account, she revealed how her youthful appearance often leads to awkward and humorous situations. She recounted instances where young men boldly approached her on the street, unaware that she is a mother of four, and attempted to ask for her phone number.

In her video, @theintentionaltwinmum shared that whenever she walks with her husband, people often gossip, thinking she is a young girl with an older man.

The woman mentioned that even Generation Z, who are much younger, think she’s the same age as them.

The mother of four shared instances where she had to assert herself as the mother of her children.

Netizens Reactions…
DrOfCommunications said; “First you’re beautiful ma’m. I used to have a childhood friend whose mom had a baby face, it was hard to believe she had 3 grownup kids.”

articulate 42 said; “Being younger than your age is a big flex jare. enjoy it.”

ikramkumar445 said; “I went to pick my kids’ result from sch n i was asked why i wore mufti to sch… phd holder confused for secondary school student.”

lady_nuella said; “I look younger than my age that’s why I wear makeup to look old so they don’t say am 23 add ten to that age Mr man.”

Yusie said; “Naso usher tell me to goan give my baby to his mother.”

Sandyluv007 said; “Una wey God bless no go know! We became Aunty while still in secondary school. Nature added 10yrs to d original.”

mo_abisola said; “I suppose to do this challenge too, the embarrassment is too much, as a lecturer without wearing ID card my students will think am one of them.”

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