“I’m Very Sorry My Love, I Won’t Behave Anyhow Again”– Anty Ramota Finally Apologizes To Ijoba Lande Over Her Reaction In Last Video

Anty Ramota has come online to apologize to Ijoba Lande for all her behaviour toward him since all this while. She apologized online saying that she would never abuse Ijoba Lande again and would always talk to people who greet her in a good manner. She also said that she will be doing a video anytime she is with Ijoba Lande so that people will also hear her side of the story.

Fans are even Angry with Anty Ramota because they all insist she is rude to everybody not only Lande.

She wrote: Aunty Ramota don apologies to Ijoba Lande and promised to always treat him with rest….Hmmm let’s wait and see.

Read some of the social media reaction below;

Unbotheredtiwa Wrote: Aunty ramota ,you are rude,i saw you this morning at Remdason filling station and my mother too greeting you,Stop all dis Attitude

Iam_anonymous_dc wrote: But lande shouldn’t have also put such video out there ….. we know this lady is special and people like then tend to be provocative, mood swings easily….. but thank God for @larahlight02 there’s huge difference

Reemah1209 wrote: I have said this so many times, those who are managing aunty ramota are doing more harm to her than good!!! Putting out are vulnerable moments for content doesn’t make any sense. No be everybody get deep knowledge of the kind of person she is.

Ayobamikalepeter wrote: Apology accepted for now, but please try not to be getting angry unnecessarily. No be everybody wan make fun of you. Some of us genuinely just want to say hello without making fun of you. Thank you @ebutecastle agba yin a Dale. E seun, e ku itoju. Olorun a bukun yin

Scentsby_ta wrote: Lande is too calm sha!!!!! Issalie she go sey be😂😂😂😂

Yemkikboutiquwle wrote: Hope she will hear,  Ramota don’t fight, Celebrity don’t fight, when your fans greet you greet them back  simple ok 😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️

Watch The Video Below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng