“I’m Not Married Yet, Please Stop Call Me A Husband Snaatcher” Laide Bakare Denies Romantic Relationship Amidst Social Media Rumors

Nollywood star Laide Bakare has debunked rumors about her alleged romantic involvement with a mystery man frequently featured on her social media. In a recent Instagram post, the mother of three clarified that she is not married and that the man in question is simply a colleague, not her romantic partner. Bakare stressed this in a video on her Instagram, urging the media not to mislabel him as her husband. She explained that their on-screen relationship was part of their roles in various movies, including “Oko Laide.” Bakare’s statement aims to dispel misconceptions about her personal life and professional collaborations, setting the record straight.

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Infotrend news recall yesterday that Laide Bakare recently caused a stir on the internet by sharing a affectionate video on her TikTok account. The mother of three, openly expressing her openness to love again, posted a public display of affection (PDA) video featuring herself and her romantic partner enjoying a moment to Psquare’s ‘No One Be Like You.’ The clip has sparked numerous reactions online, with many noting the actress’s more playful presence on social media.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng