“I’m Not Doing Any DNA And Nothing Anybody Can Do Me”– Mohbad’s Wife Wunmi, Has Share  Another Voice Note Raining Cuursee On Those Requesting For DNA (Listen)

Wunmi, the widow of the deceased singer Mohbad, has released another voice note disclosing that Mohbad was the one who initiated her into womanhood. Despite heavy criticism from those urging her to conduct a DNA test to confirm paternity, she vehemently refuses, stating she will not be swayed. Additionally, she mentions lacking funds to pay bloggers, as she relies on the support of genuine mothers.

Temisola Blogger Wrote: ‘Mohbad was my husband till de*th. He put a ring on my finger and he deflowered me. He was the only man that ever saw my nak*dness. I am the mother of my son. None of you have the right to tell me to do DNA except I wish to. You all are mad. Liam will never be a victim like his father, he will be a victor. I don’t have any money to give bloggers but genuine fathers and mothers are supporting me’ -Wunmi (Mohbad’s Wife)

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Mayokun___baby wrote: Yes his your husband 👏una don push her to the wall 😭🙏💟 wunmi na woman you be stand up for liam you are all his got ❤️

Iam_muskyheritage wrote: You’re the mother but he’s not the father. And some women are supporting her. May your sons and brother get married to this kind of wild wolf in human form

Angelctp wrote: I still can’t believe her voice is like this. This voice didn’t match that face 🙌🙌🙌 this type of voice will b#at a man black and blue 😳

Femi_holder wrote: The truth is Mohbad isn’t here to defend himself. Even if he wasn’t the one that deflowered you he’s not here to tell the public whether it’s true or not. The fact that Wunmi is now coming out to say she won’t do DNA test gives room for more speculations and doubts.

Ifeadisa wrote: Way to go, girl. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. They should go and  face their families.

Iam_teemirror wrote: We should have a Yoruba move titled “DNA OMO OLORIN” or THE DNA JUSTICE 😂

Irewunmiade wrote: Can anyone explain to me how searching for who or what killed Mohb and getting justice for Mohb suddenly turn to DNA saga🤦

Her her speak below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng