“I’m hungry, give me money to eat” – An aged grandmother involves in a heaated exchange with her husband (Video)

A poignant video has emerged online, showcasing an elderly grandmother engaged in a tense confrontation with her husband. The footage depicts the grandmother vehemently arguing with her husband after he refuses to give her money, citing her hunger. Despite her plea, the grandfather claims to be financially unable to assist, much to the grandmother’s dismay. In a heated moment, the grandmother stands up and attempts to physically confront her husband, who remains seated. The altercation escalates into a physical struggle, accompanied by verbal disputes, until bystanders intervene to separate the couple.

The elderly woman in the video expresses that she’s trembling from hunger, attributing it to her husband’s refusal to provide her with money. She indirectly criticizes her husband, stating that he has never financially supported her endeavors such as starting a business or purchasing property. Additionally, she accuses him of damaging her store.

You can view the video below:

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fawasyrn3; I want to give her 5million how can I find her?

fun_funsses: You all laugh?but this a huge lesson here. She said give me money I want to eat? She also said Did the man gave her money for business. What was she also doing during the age of their marriage when the man was not making it then. I just say this again as a man you’re just going to suffer for being man alone. And you’re gonna be hold responsible for any misfortune that happens to your family even when you’re not at fault. I just pray all men make it before their 50s. Woman should also try and work hard for their old ages too.

megastarnaija: This breaks my heart 💔💔💔😢😢. How can they be located please someone help with their location and contacts if possible 😔 🙏🏿🙏🏿.

maasoroju: With this kind energy wey dem still get, dem go still dey knack 😂😂😂.

call_me__adetutu:  She build kiosk, u destroy am and still no won feed her 😢😢…. For those of u that think people change from those narcissistic behaviors, dey play😂. You will suffer till old age.

kofoworolaayinke:  If I am related to these 2 in anyway,a serious legal action will be taking against the 1 who recorded this video,what in earth is this world turning💔 how on earth do you post people’s grand parents?

realsleepmattress:  Omo they still request for money till this age ??? 😱😱😱 Men nah wahala we enter so o!

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng