I’m Emotionally Down I Just Have To Give Myself Time, Lateef Adedimeji Says As He Seek For Justice Over Mohbad’s Death

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Lateef Adedimeji has finally voiced out over the death of the late singer Mohbad using his Instagram Account.

Lateef Adedimeji reveals his emotions when he hears about the news online so he decides to calm his emotions down because he can’t comprehend why on earth they intimidate us because of power.

The actor who condemn oppression to our dear country

The Post Caption: I decided to give it time so my emotions won’t get the better of me but beyond words, I am broken , we are broken, we are confused, are we still safe in this country? Are our brothers safe ? Are our children safe ? One thing is certain, WE WANT JUSTICE

At this point, with every evidence flying here and there, we don’t need a sage to tell us that there’s more to the death of this gifted young man who suffered oppression , harassment and bullying till death . I pray that the good God accepts his soul.

God is the just judge, I hope He comes through on this one very soon. Right now, It is on us to fight oppression within our means . We won’t back down. Sleep on Mohbad.

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng