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“I’m Doing What Pays Me And Is No One Business”– Arameedey Replied Those Who Bash Her Following A Sultry Video With Ibrahim Yekini.

Nollywood actress Oluwapelumi Arameedey Kayode has decided to speak out, addressing the criticisms surrounding a movie she recently shot with Ibrahim Yekini.

In a candid statement, Arameedey expressed her perplexity at the negative reactions, emphasizing that what she does is her profession and she approaches it with a high level of professionalism. She questioned why people are bashing her for merely doing her job, highlighting the fact that those passing judgment are not saints themselves.

Unapologetically defending her choices, Arameedey underscored the practical aspect of her work, asserting that it is her means of earning a living. She went on to emphasize that those criticizing her actions wouldn’t be the ones footing her bills, so she’s focused on what pays her and urged everyone to take a step back and let her be.

This candid response from the actress sheds light on the challenges artists sometimes face when their work becomes a subject of public scrutiny. Arameedey’s straightforward message not only defends her professionalism but also advocates for understanding and respect for individual choices within the entertainment industry. As the actress stands firm in her position, her words reflect a sense of empowerment and a refusal to be swayed by external judgments.

She wrote: YOUALL SHOULD REST OKAY AND PLS IF YOUR GONNA COMMENT ON THAT VIEDO TRENDING AND YOU WANNA BASH ME DO IT WITH YOUR FULL CHEST ENOUGH OF THIS FAKE PAGES YOU CANT SHAME THE SHAMELESS 100 yall acting saint hmmmmm, and that was a movie i do not owe anyone explanation but trust me yall are never going to sort my bill 100 I’m an actor we make believe and I am passionate about my career

SO REST!!!!!!

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_milola1 wrote: I even know some of top actresses that have done worse in a movie even though they can do it again now, they have done it, I even saw a comment of someone commending one this morning and was like wow, really, someone I have seen her done worse in a movie.. Don’t mind anyone, just do you and know where you are going

Omo_borlarh wrote: Why are they not bashing Bimbo in anikulapo oo she that even went naked oo, all this English Nigerian movie that they act pure porn inside nko , they will be alright , carry your career on your head like gala the cry no fit sort your bills 💯

Iam_maleeknaira wrote: So they are saying bad things about the video ?
People with 2.5gb data are the one saying bad things i get 😂Let them say bad things about you Make ur money and buy them 📌

Mumcienicole wrote: You fall my hand why u respond naw silence they say is Golden..God bless your hustle movie is Make Believe

Kikies_braids2023 wrote: Please what’s going on here and when did my queen get this much comment because on a normal day you people no dey comment on her post ,oju aiye is allow sha

Kabiola21 wrote: This life anything wey Dey put food for ur table no joke with am……..u sha be doing ur thin

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