“I’m Becoming A Mother Soon”– Taiwo Hassan Ogogo Daughter Kira Taiwo Excited With Her Friends As She Is Expecting Her First Child,Mimick Lege Miami Impression.

Taiwo Hassan Ogogo’s daughter, Kira Taiwo, is spreading laughter and joy with her friends as they take on a hilarious challenge, impersonating the distinctive style of Lege Miami during his online match-making live videos. Lege Miami, a multifaceted personality in Nollywood known for his acting, singing, and relationship matchmaking, has a unique and memorable way of interacting with people online.

In this amusing challenge, Kira and her friends playfully emulate Lege Miami’s trademark mannerisms, each taking turns to utter the words he often uses during his entertaining matchmaking sessions. The result is a comedic ensemble that captures the essence of Lege Miami’s online presence, showcasing a lighthearted and humorous side to the group.

Adding to the excitement, Kira, overwhelmed with joy, is on the brink of motherhood. Recently celebrating her traditional wedding just a few weeks ago, she shared glimpses of her happiness, including pictures of her husband. The combination of joyous occasions, from the impending arrival of a new family member to the recent traditional wedding festivities, paints a picture of love, laughter, and shared moments of celebration in Taiwo Hassan Ogogo’s family.

As Kira Taiwo and her friends engage in this playful and funny challenge, they not only pay homage to Lege Miami’s online persona but also create a delightful and memorable moment for themselves and their audience. It’s a testament to the diverse and vibrant tapestry of entertainment and joy that weaves through the lives of those in the entertainment industry.

She Wrote: We did the @legemiamii impression. Uncle lege se a gbinyanju? 🤣😭.

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Bribeau_luxurous_fabrics wrote: @legemiamii Ore Omo president ilu wa, All Adams I know are great sha, i birth one Adam too❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ogbeni_ayomide_ wrote: So nobody remember SORRY FOR THE BAD ENGLISH 😂😂😂😂

Lizzy_ray28 wrote: @kira_taiwo she so beautiful on her pregnant 😍😍 💯 God blessed me too 🙏🏼

Goofygirl_oyin wrote: Nobody said “sorry for the bad English”😭🤣

Lerryberry85 wrote: “Se oloriburuku leleyi ni,sho fe ma mumi sere ni”

I_am_fulani wrote: Shey u people can make heaven bayii 😂😂😂😂😂

Oluwajenny_mi wrote: He was said korkorrr yorrr hijab 🧕 ehh norrr 😂😂😂.. he was said singles party no make up ooooo

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