“I’m A Babalawo And Also A Pastor”– Viral Video Of A Pastor Who Is Also A Babalawo Trend Online

A video trending online of Prof Obafemi Jegede, A Babalawo Who Is Also A Pastor who has gone viral on social media.

Prof Obafemi Jegede is a member of the Methodist church of Nigeria and he his also an herbalist which he his proud of saying it. He revealed that because he was a Christian that did not make him forget his forefather’s tradition and he is a pure herbalist.

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Officialmayorspeaks wrote: Herbalist is someone who prescribe and cure ailments with herbs, while babalawo is a spiritual title that denotes a high priest of the Ifá oracle.

Kemiowadara wrote: This man made me wish I applied for Traditional African Medicine instead of Cultural and Media Studies for my M.A. Prof Jegede is good abeg🤗

Olawilson1 wrote: Being a Babalawo or ifa priest doesn’t equate to darkness; it is a form of knowledge just like the Bible and the Quran. In China, their traditional practices guide them, while in Nigeria, some view such practices as dark. However, who created darkness? Isn’t it God? The perception that anything black is bad while white is good is a construct of the Western world. It doesn’t make sense to believe that God created Nigeria as a bad place. In Africa, there is a tendency to embrace Western, Israeli, and Saudi names over our own, indicating a lack of pride in our heritage. It’s essential for us to value our roots, ancestors, and traditions instead of dismissing them as negative influences. Let’s awaken to our true identity and heritage.

Oneheart_but_two wrote: He believes in God and the land.. there’s nothing wrong with it.

Kins4real wrote: Ona kan o wo oja, ni o difa fun Pasito ti o nse Babalawo 😂😂😂 Nigeria and Drama 😂😂

Omodejotobi wrote: Can you compare it with adeboye who.serve God holy.. the difference is clear.see him office self..

Fixmebynf wrote: When God created Nigerians, he went to the backyard to laff😂😂😂😂😂he know say something go sup😂

Rayzeel3333 wrote: Why do you make our home look bad? I really don’t understand that slavery mentality😂his an herbalist a traditional medicine man

Dibrain.12 wrote: But he never said he is saving the traditional gods instead he is just a herbalist (pharmacist) just like a medical doctor.

Watch The Video Below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng