IG influencer Enioluwa reacts following a trending video where he is being alleged to be an aduult Movie star goes viral online (Watch)

Instagram influencer Enioluwa addresses allegations of being an adult film star in response to a trending video that has gone viral online.

Enioluwa has become a hot topic on the microblogging platform X due to a circulating photo and video shared by an anonymous blogger known as Gistlover.

The photo, depicting a man resembling Enioluwa, has sparked rumors about his involvement in the adult entertainment industry.

While some disputed his identity, suggesting he wasn’t Eniola but rather a doppelgänger, others insisted it was indeed him, pointing out his distinctive lip gloss reminiscent of a woman’s.

Shortly after, the adult performer featured in the viral video clarified that he, not Eniola, was the individual in question. He implored internet users to cease harassing Eniola, affirming, “Nigerians, please refrain from harassing Enioluwa. He is not the person in the trending video. The image was taken from my own video; they just captured a perfect angle. Whoever is circulating it is simply attempting to ruin Enioluwa’s life.”

View the video below:

Reacting to this, Enioluwa shared a video of him via the insta-stories section of his verified Instagram page engaging in a fake birthday celebration.

Enioluwa was born on July 6, 1999 and will clock 25-year-old this year.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng