“If you can’t press money clear” — Secondary school girl sends message to brooke boys who want to date her

Buzz originated from an online video featuring high school girls cautioning financially challenged boys interested in dating them. The clip, shared on TikTok by @hair.plane.moode, depicted the girls lined up, each delivering a message to potential suitors via their smartphones.

Their responses varied, with one stating the prospective partner is not her spec and another saying if he doesn’t have money he will not be getting her number.

The video has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, especially as regards the age of the young girls.

See some reactions below

@Dmorganyunno asked: “Y’all know what rich and broke is in secondary schools now??😂😂😂 my time na who play ball pass be odogwu 😅💀”

@💙Rilozzy❤️Boi stated: “Una be like God forbid especially that one that said “ if you can’t press money clear’’😡😡😡”

@~31:12~ said: “Wetin pain me pass he say na one phone all of them dy share 😂😂”

@_ jagajagaboy wrote: “they are attacking broke boy and they are public school students…nice joke 😂”

@billionaire_rurzy claimed: “We wey go be next shugar daddy go really enjoy the upcoming generation 😂no stress”

@the_saucee_ added: “People like Tolanibaj and Saidaboj will come out and spew trash and ladies will be hailing them in the comment section. Unfortunately this is the result. You guys are breeding a set of entitled young generation, congrats.
You think these children don’t have phone and they are not on IG. An adult might watch and ignore and call it cruise but the kids take what they see online than what their parents’ tell them these days. Smh”

Watch the video below

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng