“If I Dey Respect You Make You Self Respect Yourself”– Portable Diisgraaced His First Wife Omobewaji Publicly On Social For Not Mentioning His Name On Her Birthday Wishes (See Chaaat)

Portable has publicly addressed his first wife, Omobewaji, for failing to mention him in her birthday post on social media. He stated that if she has achieved strength as a woman, it is because of his efforts, not solely by her own power. He cautioned her to show respect for herself, emphasizing that such behavior is not tolerated where he comes from.

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Chyddo wrote: He feels he deserves to be loved and included the way he loves and includes all of them but if he truly wants that kind of loyalty he cant get it from multiple wives, women and humans are naturally jealous creatures, stick to one and watch her treat you the exact way you desire.

B_uniqu.e wrote: Portable wives deserve separate awards, cos how are they dealing with this man? 😂😂 spiritual husband sef no do reach this one 😂

Ololade_bella wrote: Welcome to the comment section, what would you like to be served? Cold bullet or Loud 😂

Callmedammy wrote: Portable na very stubborn husband all him wives dey try ,they all deserve energy drink 😂😂

Tomibamzz wrote: Portable is the real life example of the book “Our husband has gone mad again” 😭😂

Nene_george wrote: She wrote only one words and he went on a writing spree with almost 6 pages 😂😂. Wow!! We can only be this madddd when we love someone, clearly Portable is in love with this woman!!

_____chiwendu1 wrote: This particular queen no gree portable rest. From “why you no wan born for me “to “queen of herself” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Okimglobalworld wrote: My greatest fear is make portable no go use those comment release next song, cus the thing just be lyrics.

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng