If I Catch You Putting on That Camouflage Uniform Again, You’ll be In Serious Tro¥ble, Soldier issue a Serious Warning to Kizz Daniel’s Bouncer [video]

An individual claiming to be a Nigerian soldier has issued a stern warning and reprimanded Kelvin Power, Kizz Daniel’s bouncer, for partaking in comedy sketches while wearing military camouflage attire.

Ever since taking on the role of Kizz Daniel’s personal bodyguard, Kelvin Power has garnered significant attention due to his imposing physique, which some have found intimidating.

Recently, he was caught on camera participating in a comedy skit while clad in army camouflage, a move that greatly displeased an unidentified Nigerian soldier.

This soldier chastised Kizz Daniel’s bouncer, making it clear that he wasn’t impressed by his imposing appearance. He emphasized that military attire should never be ridiculed in such a manner and warned that if he ever caught him doing so again, he would be compelled to take action.

Watch the video below;

Reacting To the Post …

@iambuzor enquired: “Can you fight him one on one? Abeg rest.”

thegreatsalami remarked: “Rubbish talk…if them leave 2 of una your leg no go touch ground for atleast 30mins plus”

@mc_ichie penned: “This one no be army… Na amu”

@anyalisylvester advised: “No need to dey find am for road go kiss Daniel house go find am.”

@oniobos said: “Camouflage wey ppl de wear overseas. E reach una turn u criminalize it. Very shameful. Make una try get sense.”

@ebuzztv said: “Na only Nigerian force dey get problem with people wearing their uniform. Developed countries don’t care. This is somehow sha”

@aphroditezee asked: “You don’t fukili care?”

@amandobazinta10 wrote: “Lol your father kit . Ode”

@flamez_of_black30 stated: “U know where and how to find him , and please go alone”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng