“I woke up early in the morning, thugs came to my house and broke all my glasses just because I said the truth”- Ayankunle Ayanlowo, Kwam1 former drummer cries out for help

In a recent video, drummer Kunle Ayanlowo, who says he has worked with K1 De Ultimate for 32 years, lashes out and accuses his  boss, Kwam1 of threatening his life. In the new video, drummer Kunle begs Nigerians to come to his aid as he asserts that he has been continuously attacked and bullied by the people sent to him by his ex-boss K1 De Ultimate. He said ‘Nigerians, I returned early to my house in the morning to see the window of my bedroom shattered and its glasses were broken as if something was thrown against it’

Nigerians react to the video

Ololade_grace wrote: I remember when mohbad mom said she told Moh to go and report to k1 the woman said Moh laughed at her
Now I understand the reason why Moh laughed at his mom…..

I wish God can put everyone in the same position where there won’t be richer or powerful people….. we will just be in the same category 😢

If you miss mohbad like this comment

Mzlola wrote: If anything happen to this man, atleast we know who to hold responsible! Intimidation and threat to life is a serious issue🤦🏽‍♀️

Bollysco wrote: This man is talking now for God sake.. why do we love using powerful hands on each other

Monicascuzz wrote: This is how mohbad issues started and Nigerians didn’t do anything

Otunbablog wrote: 😂😂😂 and He NEVER achieve anything ooo

Fressstuffng wrote: k1 might not know anything, it might be the embittered fans

Ope5495 wrore: At this point if K1 is this powerful and dangerously evil, who are the people that contract him to play at their event? His music needs to be band and all the embassies notified of his HBV behaviour.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng