“I will never interfere on Mohbad’s issue again. You never see anything yet” – Wunmi’s sister pulls the plug

Titilayo Karimo, the sister to the estranged wife of late Mohbad, publicly announces her withdrawal from all issues involving the affairs of Wunmi’s husband.

This came after she alleged that the late singer infected her sister with STDs, triggering a response from Wunmi who debunked the claim.
While addressing the rebuttal, Karimo vowed to avoid involvement in all issues concerning Mohbad while assuring Wunmi of a cordial relationship.

She, however, insisted on going after ‘Jossy’, Mohbad’s dad whom she boldly stated to have an issue with.

In her words;

“I know my sister is under pressure, so I’m not going to come out for her or say anything, and I have never & will never say anything shady against Mohbad.

“The only thing I want to say now is that as from today on, count me out on anything concerning your husband’s matter, I won’t interfere again. God will help you resolve it and see you through .

“Mowunmi, I know you don’t know anything about what is happening. You will not lose your life on this issue, I will keep praying for you. You will not suffer for what you know nothing about but as for me Titilayo, I’m not interfering on this matter again not that I’m afraid or scared of anybody but I have removed my hands and legs from the matter.

“But I want to tell you something, if Jossy (Mohbad’s father) comes for me, I will come for him too because this matter has gone beyond you alone. The disclaimer you did was for me and others, but I’m not mad at you.

“Even though I have removed my hands from issue, you don’t have the power to tell me not to come for Jossy if he comes for me. But I’m going to respect whatever your decision is, I’m not going to say anything about Justice for Mohbad again.”

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng