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“I Will Fiigth With Everything I Have You Won’t Goes Free Again”– Bukola Arugba Get In Baattle With Famzi Over Her Old Video (Watch)

Bukola Arugba has called out Famzi Blog for posting what she never did on his Facebook page. There was a video which she posted asking ladies if double dating and cheating is a good thing while still in marriage or still dating was misquoted by the blogger into something else. She revealed that she asked the blogger to take it down the post but he insisted and not taking it down.

Bloggers will write lies about you and people will advice  One to keep quiet while the lies keep spreading . Everyone saw the video I posted few weeks ago about double dating where I said “I don’t believe in double dating”  the blogger twisted the story by saying the direct opposite of what I said and putting me out for drags … I am being called different names , people keep sending different posts . FAMZI BLOG STARTED THIS LIE , and other bloggers started copying from the page . This is defamation of character . FAMZI BLOG WILL BE BROUGHT TO BOOK AS THIS WON’T BE TAKEN LIGHTLY

See social media reaction on the video below;

Onis8556 wrote: I watched the video now and all you mentioned and asked for was people’s opinion about double dating while you lamented that you are against the act. Don’t worry yourself  about this useless and cheap bloggers darling. Keep being you

Twinrus wrote: It is well Oremi, we know you and we know what you can do, you are a good role model and I’m proud to know you as as a friend and a sister, so don’t let them get into you sis 😘 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Lambuzy wrote: Yes oo… I even commented on it, that I can never double date!! Infact I got many likes and replies on your page…. Facebook bloggers are looking for what to eat nii… Ignore him/her sis😍

Officialbobirachi wrote: Relax sis, we your fans trust you and believe in you so it doesn’t matter what bloggers say about you or lie about you. We love you and trust your judgment!!!

Bira_foods_naijasnack wrote: Facebook bloggers needs someone to stop them with their iroyin eleje 😂. It is honestly annoying how they get people’s attention with their false news.

Topfunke wrote: You avoided using foul, abusive words even as this video shows you’re upset . Hope she has integrity to bring down the post. It’s wrong to hit a

Watch her Speaks below;