“I Was Sent Out Of My House On The Same Date He Passes Away”– The Wife Of Late Veteran Actor Ajigijaga Share Emotiional Story (Video)

The widow of the late veteran actor Ajigijaga has opened up about her ordeal with her late husband’s family. She disclosed that she was evicted from her husband’s home on the same day he passed away. Furthermore, she shared that she was not informed of his death until after he had been buried. She was pregnant at the time, carrying her husband’s child, and yet she was still mistreated and expelled from the house.

Biola wrote: “I was stylishly sent out of my husband’s house the same day he was buried,” AJIGIJAGA’S WIDOW.
She’s the wife of the late veteran actor AJIGIJAGA.

Another unbelievable true life experience is here this evening.

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Omoh2.2 wrote: Thanks to Iya Mohbad for not allowing Wunmi to pass through this kind of humiliation and suffering. This is exactly what Daddy Mohbad want for Wunmi… May God preserve our lives to be able to care for our children till they will be independent

Shi2_jmk wrote: I’m way too Emotional for this show! No I don’t think I can watch the episode 🤦‍♀️ haven’t healed frm the one I watched xestday! Why must widow suffer 😢😢😢

Iamabiodun_b wrote: @kunleafod pls try and reach out with this woman to raise for something tangible for her.

Oofak_ajik wrote: Aunty biola is too emotional… have studied u a lot, u cry when other cries …. I pray that everything u cherished won’t be taken away from you ….. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Damilla_perfumery wrote: But wait first oh
Does it mean that they were actually waiting for him to die ni or what?
Because I don’t understand
Man died , left his children and wife
Only for the unfortunate family members that doesn’t know how they both suffered to raise whatever they man left behind will now come to claim property
Wtf is that……haaaa women dey suffer ohh

Aadedoyin wrote: The earlier we start treating widows right in Nigeria the better for us all these women are bereaved for God’s sake.  They just lost a loved one.  It start with you and I

I_am_timiblaze wrote: i shed tears on this particular episode oo😭😭haaa she said hawk that my husband wud not allow me to do where is my own happiness
those two words 😭😭😭

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng