“I Was Always There For You Ladies, But You All Turn Your Back AT Me”- Lizzy Anjorin Slam Iyabo Ojo For Causing Figth Between Mercy Aigbe And Laide Bakare

Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin has involved Iyabo Ojo in her ongoing conflict with fellow actresses Mercy Aigbe and Laide Bakare. Anjorin recounted her experiences with Bakare and Aigbe, revealing a previously close relationship that soured when Ojo entered the picture and allegedly disrupted their bond.

The Yoruba movie star recounted her past interactions with Laide and Mercy, whom she once considered close friends. She recounted how her bond with Laide blossomed in America, initiated by an invitation to her son’s naming ceremony. However, their relationship deteriorated when Iyabo Ojo intervened, causing discord.

Additionally, she recalled extending support to Mercy Aigbe during her launch, despite Mercy’s initial doubts. However, she felt betrayed when Mercy and Iyabo engaged in gossip about her. She reflected on witnessing their deceitful behavior and pondered how they would have spoken ill of her had the situation been reversed, underscoring the hypocrisy in their actions.

Lizzy asserted that despite everything, she would always stand up for her until she chose to carve out her own path.

“I can’t even recall when I last saw Laide Bakare. Did you know we were both in America during her son’s naming ceremony? I don’t really keep close friends; I’m good to everyone. Even after we hung out in America, I distanced myself from her. But Gistlover kept linking us during her scandal.

When Mercy Aigbe became D Owner’s wife and invited me to her launch, I promised to attend, but she doubted me because she knows I’m not one for parties. Sepeteri, I saw the stunt you pulled. Even after attending your party, have I ever invited you to mine? And when you didn’t come to my party, I still defended you.”

It’s about time I start keeping track of everything I see on Facebook. After attending Mercy’s party, I noticed the games everyone was playing. I witnessed it all. None of you even acknowledged me at the event. I’m not interested in superficial online connections. If I had missed Mercy’s party after she attended mine, you would have criticized me endlessly. You would have labeled me as ungrateful and accused me of having issues with all of you.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng