“I want to thank God almighty on your behalf Obimbimbim”- Iyabo Ojo celebrate her new lover on his birthday (Video)

Showing off to her partner Paul Okoye is something Iyabo Ojo is always willing to do, and she certainly did so on his birthday. In addition to a cute video collage of their moments together, Iyabo Ojo penned a lovely note to Paul Okoye, and here’s what she wrote;

Baby, first & foremost, i want to thank God almighty on your behalf…….” Thank you, Lord, for keeping Obim, blessing him, protecting him, uplifting him, promoting him, guiding him, and most importantly, loving him with all of you,  I’m forever grateful, Lord 🙏

@pauloo2104 i celebrate you today my love as you add another number to your age, may you continue to grow in great health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness 😊  thank you for all you do, your  support, and most importantly for been very intentional, you’re indeed a great father & lover ❤️….. i love you, my forever…. Happy birthday, Obimbimbim 🥰

#foreveristhedeal 🥰😘

If you are a single pringle and you think Iyabo Ojo is doing too much with her post, then you must have missed her message when she gave a forewarning to singles worldwide in preparation of her lover’s birthday. Iyabo Ojo was prepared to show off and show out for her man, and she did just that.

Waxing strong since 2022 when their relationship went public, Iyabo Ojo and Paul Okoye are two adorable people who took a second chance with love, and are not shy of flaunting each other.

Iyabo Ojo has two kids, while Paul Okoye also have kids of his own, and together, they form one huge blended family. On Iyabo Ojo’s birthday, Paul Okoye’s daughter celebrated her, and even referred to her as ‘stepmother’ in her post. If this doesn’t show that there’s a bond between them, then what else could possibly prove it?

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng