Marriage straight, I want to follow sunah I don’t want to be follow man up and down, 14-year-old actress, Mercy Kenneth says watch

Young Nollywood sensation, Mercy Kenneth, subtly shared her marriage aspirations in a recent social media post, underlining her unwavering determination to pursue this dream.

Her candid revelation on social media sparked significant curiosity and interest among her followers. It’s worth noting that her co-star, Ekene Umenwa, recently celebrated her own marriage to filmmaker Alex Kleanson in a traditional wedding ceremony.

With their eagerly awaited white wedding on the horizon, Mercy Kenneth couldn’t contain her emotions and took to her social media platform to express her heartfelt sentiments about this celebrity couple’s love story.

Accompanied by a beautiful wedding photograph of Ekene in her bridal gown and Alex looking dapper in his suit, Mercy openly declared her desire for marriage in her message.

She attributed this wish to the heavenly blessing woven into their relationship, and with a hint of humor, she playfully cautioned anyone trying to deter her from her marriage dreams, making it clear that she’s actively seeking a husband.

Her words were clear:

“Social media said marriage isn’t all that sweet. But when I see @ekene_umenwa and @kleanson’s marriage, I get eager because I see God’s involvement in their union. My lovely aunty, your marriage is blessed in Jesus’ name, Amen. I don’t want any advice, I’m actively seeking a husband, and I’m ready to pay someone to marry me today, regardless of my age.”

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng