“I want to become a medical doctor and my role model is Tolanibaj” – Secondary school student reveals, netizens react (Video)

A viral video featuring a young secondary school student has sparked online discussion. When asked about her future aspirations, she expressed a desire to become a medical doctor, but surprised her teacher by naming reality TV star Tolanibaj as her role model. Another student disclosed aspirations to become an engineer, citing singer Yemi Alade as their inspiration, while a third student expressed interest in becoming a barrister, with their pastor as their role model.

“I want to become a Medical Doctor, my role Model is Tolanibaj.

I want to become an Engineer, my role model is Yemi Alade

I want to become a Barrister, my role model is my pastor”.

See some reactions from netizens below,

One Aot Lekan wrote, “The girl that mentioned Tolanibaj be taken for serious counseling o because e get why ooo

One Bobby Mayans wrote, “If Tolanibaj is your child’s role model, you failed as a parent. Them suppose jail two of una

One Inumidun wrote, “Tolani that spends 7-15 million at the club. Wonderful role model my dear

One Attitude Adjuster wrote, “Her parents failed her. Future POS operator

One Official Skyz wrote, “You want to become a medical doctor and your role model is Tbaj? She sef will be disappointed

One Bae More extension wrote, “Exactly why I said these kids should not have access to social media till after secondary school

One Salma Ndatsu wrote, “Tolanibaj ke. You have failed as a parent if your child chooses Tolanibaj as a role model, which role she gets. God abeg”.

This is coming hours after Tolanibaj said on Bahd & Boujee podcast that she spends 7 to 15 million in a day balling in club.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng