I Want To Be Like You, make everybody dy talk about me all over the word, Actress Oyedeji Olaide Daughter Ameerah Tell Her Mum (Video)

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Oyedeji Olaide recently delighted her followers by sharing an adorable video featuring her daughter, Ameerah, discussing her future career aspirations. In this heartwarming video, young Ameerah revealed her dream of becoming an artist, just like her talented mother.

However, what unfolds in this charming mother-daughter interaction is both endearing and humorous. Oyedeji Olaide gently suggests that Ameerah could sing, pointing out an alternative path for her. But the determined little girl, with unwavering confidence, insists on pursuing a career as an artist and a painter, mirroring her mother’s artistic talents.

The video not only captures a delightful family moment but also showcases the budding aspirations of a young, artistic soul. Ameerah’s admiration for her mother’s talents is evident, and her determination to follow in her footsteps is both heartening and amusing.

In her caption, Oyedeji Olaide playfully mentions, “Long Time No Abike,” perhaps alluding to the amusing nature of their conversation. It’s clear that this mother-daughter bond is filled with love, encouragement, and a touch of humor, making it a memorable and relatable moment for all who watch.

To witness this heartwarming and amusing exchange, be sure to watch the video below.

Netizen React with different forms of emoji indicating that the child is taking over from her mother ways of behavior.

This is to say it’s always good to leave a good example.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng