“I used to respect this lady, I didn’t know she is very stýpiid” Drama as Laide Bakare and Chizzy Alichi figth dirty online

The beginning of this week has been filled with drama for Nollywood actresses Chizzy Alichi and Laide Bakare, who are currently embroiled in an online feud.

Laide Bakare took to her Instagram page to share her side of the story, revealing how Chizzy Alichi allegedly intimidated her during a rehearsal. According to Laide, she simply asked Chizzy for something, but was met with a hostile reaction.

In a video clip posted on her Instagram, Laide expressed her frustration, saying, “If you see what Chizzy Alichi did to me during rehearsal, she intimidated me. I only asked her for something, and if you see the way she reacted.”

In her caption, Laide stated that she wouldn’t gree for anyone this year and let Chizzy know that she is coming for her.

She wrote, “@chizzyalichi I’m coming for you. This year I no dey gree for anybody”.

Taking to her comment section, Chizzy stated that now she can see why Laide was eyeing her on set, unknowingly that she is jealous of her.

“See jealousy. No wonder you were eyeing me on that set. I no hear everything wey u talk, make I find translator first, u dey come

Replying to her, Laide questioned why she would be jealous of her as she warned her never to try such nonsense with her.

“Jealous of who? Ode anytime, you see me and you try that nonsense with me, iku pa e. Jealous bitch. Mtchewwwwww

Chizzy fired back with, “Ah, I thought we were joking. Look at this old hag, you’re very stupid and senseless. One more word from you, I will take permission from my husband, trace your house, and beat you like a child. Idiot. Anuofia”.

Chizzy later took to her Instagram story to express her disappointment in Laide, noting how she used to respect her but didn’t know she was a very stupid person.

“I used to respect this lady @laidebakare I didn’t know that she’s a very stup*d person. Mind urself”.

Hitting back at her, Laide questioned if she was cr@zy, as she promised to deal her with ruthlessly.

In another post, she promised not to spare her life as she dared her to show her ‘her’ boyfriend.

“Se werey ni lady yi ni???? Mo n bo na I day go @mama_ereko2 Birthday party. When I returned Aiye iya e ma Baje si mi lowo. I no dey gree for anybody sehhhh!! I’m coming”.

“Omo ofo @chizzyalichi this is for you. I won’t spare your life Olorun!! Oya show me your boyfriend?? ode jati jati jati”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng