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I Told You It Will Happen”: Man Correctly Predicts 7 Round of 16 Matches in AFCON With Accuracy

Amadu Raheem Komba Gbandeh has skyrocketed to fame with his astonishingly accurate predictions during the ongoing African Cup of Nations (AFCON). His Facebook post boldly declaring the outcomes of seven rounds of 16 games has captivated audiences worldwide. Despite facing skepticism from doubters, Amadu confidently asserted his foresight, claiming he had foretold the results before they unfolded on the field.

In a series of prescient prognostications, Amadu anticipated Guinea’s victory over Equatorial Guinea and correctly foresaw Senegal’s defeat to Ivory Coast in a penalty shootout. His insight extended further, accurately predicting Mali’s triumph over Burkina Faso and DR Congo’s success against Egypt. The football oracle even pinpointed Nigeria’s victory over Cameroon and Cape Verde’s win against Mauritania.

However, every streak encounters a stumble, and Amadu’s flawless record was marred by his misstep in forecasting the outcome of the South Africa versus Morocco match. Despite his expectations, South Africa clinched victory with a resounding 2-0 win over Morocco, defying Amadu’s prediction.

Nevertheless, Amadu’s remarkable accuracy in foreseeing the results of multiple AFCON matches has solidified his reputation as a clairvoyant in the realm of football predictions, leaving fans in awe of his seemingly mystical abilities.

The man said: “Just as I predicted, Cameron, Namibia, E. Guinea, and Egypt have all been knocked out. What makes it interesting was that Egypt got ousted on penalties just as I said a few days ago.” He has predicted that Guinea will reach the finals and win the AFCON cup by defeating Cape Verde in extra time. He insists that Nigeria will not reach the finals but will make it to the semi-finals but will lose to Cape Verde.

He said: “At the grand finale, Cape Verde will dominate the match and may likely score the first goal. However, the Guineans will come stronger which will see an equalizer. Guinea will then go on to win the match in extra time. Watch out for Guinea Conakry.”

Reactions to Amadu’s predictions Habib Kemoh Gassama commented: “That’s great, man, your predictions are working let’s continue to the quarter finals stage and if it will happen.” Kazeem Taiwo Omo-Oduduwa said: “You wrote this like you were a seer. We’ll revisit this after the semi-finals are played.” @Josh_Billionsz said: “Omo this guy suppose dey drop sure odds o.”

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