Gist Me

I swim inside this water for 7 days. Reaction as Ijoba lamba reveal a new lamba Watch

He recounted the tale to his friend, reminiscing, “It was this water that saved me that year. I informed you how I swam in it for seven days, facing RGB, guns, and other ammunition they used to persuade me.

On the 17th day, feeling hungry, I encountered a group of people. Amidst the waters, I met Mamin Water near a gate I recognized. They inquired about my identity, and I explained. Graciously, they accommodated me, offering plenty – meat, food, pounded yam, and more. After a restful night, I resumed my journey.”

Curiosity piqued, he then turned to his friend, asking if they noticed the rock inside the water. With an affirmative response, he dropped a bombshell, “There’s a lion living in that water. Keep watching this.”