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“I suffer when I was very young, I didn’t know my parents were rich till I was 13” – Davido

Nigerian-American singer and songwriter, Davido, offered a candid glimpse into his upbringing, revealing a surprising revelation about his family’s wealth. In an exclusive chat, the artist shared that he only became aware of his family’s affluence when he turned 13.

Despite being the child of a billionaire, Davido emphasized the disciplined nature of his father. He acknowledged the distinctiveness of his father’s approach to wealth, stating, “All this talk about being rich, my dad is very disciplined. He’s quite different; you can tell he’s a very disciplined man.”

In a fascinating twist, Davido narrated how he discovered the extent of his family’s financial standing. He recounted an incident in Nigeria where a mistake led to a bomb blast, causing damage to several houses in their neighborhood. Davido explained, “Let me tell you how I found out. Something happened in Nigeria, in the area where we lived. There was a mistake, like a bomb blast, and many houses got destroyed.”

This unexpected turn of events prompted the family to leave their initial residence. Davido described their first house, recalling a significant shift from a spacious compound with a bungalow to a more practical living situation due to the incident. Despite the family’s substantial wealth, Davido revealed a noteworthy detail about his father’s choice of transportation, stating, “Despite being a billionaire, my dad drove a Honda Accord, I’m telling you.”

Davido’s story not only sheds light on the disciplined and modest approach of his father but also challenges preconceptions about wealth and the trappings often associated with it. The artist’s openness about his family’s experiences adds depth to the narrative, showcasing a side less explored in the glamorous world of celebrities and the affluent.