” I really suffered for my children to be successful, sometimes I bled throough my nose” – Sola Sobowale recounts how difficult her life was abroad (video)

In a recent interview with Teju Babyface, actress Sola Sobowale shared her experience living in the U.K.

She recounted spending over three hours commuting between different bus stops just to get to work on time, all while trying to save money.

Sobowale also mentioned the challenging weather conditions in the U.K, noting that the dry air could sometimes cause nosebleeds.

While in the U.K, Sola Sobowale once revealed that she experienced such hardship that she broke down and cried while trying to make ends meet. However, she has since stated that her life has improved, and now, whenever she looks at her children, she beams with pride at being an amazing mother.

In Nollywood, Sola Sobowale is one of the most esteemed actresses, having starred in numerous blockbuster movies. One of her most notable works is “King of Boys,” where she portrayed a tyrannical business owner by day and a cartel leader by night. She received numerous awards for her performance in the movie and has appeared in all its installments since.

With decades of experience in the movie industry, Sola Sobowale is consistently in high demand, whether for major or minor roles. Her ability to convey a wide range of emotions has made her stand out, particularly her trademark style of easily transitioning between tears and sternness in her performances.

Sola Sobowale has undeniably carved out a name for herself in the movie industry and is considered a living legend, thanks to her years of dedication and hard work in building her career.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng