“I reached out to you all for support to get back on my feet, but you ignored me. If something happens to me and you post my pictures, you’ll be following me too.” – Actor Baba Lawori expresses frustration with his colleagues.

Yoruba comic actor Ibrahim Bello Sanyay, also known as Baba Lawori, criticized a prominent colleague in the movie industry for prioritizing posts about the deceased over acknowledging the living. In 2013, he temporarily left acting to pursue politics, winning the position of LCDA chairman in the Alimosho area of Lagos. The veteran actor expressed disappointment that when he reached out to famous actors for assistance, they offered various excuses for not joining him on set.

Actor Baba Lawori expressed frustration, stating, “When I invited these renowned actors to my movie set, they made excuses to avoid coming. But if news of my demise spread, they’d start posting. If you post my pictures after I’m gone, you’d merely be following suit. I sought support to rejuvenate my career, hoping my fans would know I’m still here, but received little backing. Yet, when Sisi Quadri passed away, everyone began posting about him to gain followers.”

See how fans reacted

Temipwetty wrote: What’s  the entitlement about?

Daramproduction wrote: No lies at all, but then again… nobody actually owes u anything. No too place expectations on people.

Beker_businesshub wrote: I feel same way when Sisi Quadri died. How many of these. Actors and Actress relates with Quadri when he was alive

Fisayo_harike wrote: Acting isn’t for everyone did you ask ur creator before you start acting and again no one owns you anything if you really want help come to Lagos and come and meet them stop putting pressure on people they owns you nothing

Themem_torpe wrote: I hate that an average Nigerian is very entitled 😭

Adewummi wrote: Sisi quadri worked wt almost everyone before he died both actors and skit makers, he bounced back by starting to do skits before he was noticed again, ure a good actor you know people only work when ure still famous. May things bounce back for you but really no be by claiming entitlement.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng