I only wear clothes that make me feel and appear comfortable, I dont like to exposse my body — Biola Adebayo spill

I come from a polygamous family, with my father having seven children and my mother having four. I completed my undergraduate studies at Lagos State University, earning a degree in History and International Relations. Currently, I’m pursuing a master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of Lagos.

In 2002, I began my journey in acting by attending auditions at the National Theatre and other venues. The turning point came in 2003 when I auditioned for Wale Adenuga’s Super Story production, “For The Love of You,” marking my debut into acting. Despite starting with an English production, I expressed openness to Yoruba movies, which led to my role in “Ojabo Kofo” the same year, followed by “Sikiratu Sindodo” and others.


Securing roles was tough, especially for someone like me who struggled with shyness and introversion. Despite the expectations placed on actors, balancing privacy became difficult as my popularity grew. Public outings often resulted in encounters with fans pulling me towards them for greetings.


I’m discerning when it comes to scripts, prioritizing compelling storylines and meaningful messages. Fair compensation matters, but quality scripts are paramount.

Other Interests:

While I once ventured into selling cosmetics and hair accessories, my focus has shifted to my acting career, alongside hosting “The Identicals” TV show and balancing church activities and lectures.


During my leisure time, I enjoy listening to music at home or finding solace in the serene atmosphere of an empty church. Attending church events is also a source of relaxation, allowing me to unwind in the presence of God. Reading books and cooking for others are activities that keep me occupied, despite my personal indifference towards eating.

Fashion Style:

My clothing choices prioritize comfort and ease, even when the occasion calls for a certain attire. I strive for a modest and uncomplicated appearance that reflects my personality.


I draw inspiration from a diverse array of individuals across various fields. Genevieve Nnaji serves as a fashion icon, influencing my sense of style. In my professional endeavors, I admire numerous figures who have left a significant impact. On a spiritual level, my pastor, Mrs. Temitope Ogunnoiki, holds a special place in my heart.

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