“I now chose to listen to my family and stop all the trouble I get involved with” Iyabo Ojo spill

Nollywood actress and reality TV star Iyabo Ojo recently shocked her followers with a surprising announcement on her Instagram page. She revealed that she will not be participating in the upcoming reunion program of Real Housewives of Lagos, despite being one of the most active cast members.

In her caption, Iyabo Ojo explained her decision, stating, “After much deliberation, I have decided to heed the advice of my family, loved ones, especially my partner and children, as well as the brands I collaborate with, and therefore, will not be attending the RHOLagos2 reunion.” It is evident from her statement that while she initially hesitated to skip the reunion, the input from the individuals and entities mentioned in her caption ultimately persuaded her otherwise.

Iyabo Ojo’s decision must have been a tough one because she was a trending topic throughout the season with her name popping up at almost every discussion. Her fight with socialite Laura Ikeji was one of the biggest highlights of the show, which prompted people calling Iyabo Ojo a bully. This was right after she made a statement that she can bully someone if she doesn’t like the person. Despite openly making that statement, Iyabo Ojo blatantly denied being a bully.

The decision to back out of the Real Housewives of Lagos reunion is going to be Iyabo Ojo’s second highlight of the week because earlier this week, she was throwing shade at actress Lizzy Anjorin over her fake alert saga.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng