‘I no be Ewu re, Eleri Emi pa ooo, Portable Says as some cult promise him…… Watch D video’

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Portable, the street-hop sensation, has voiced a passionate and firm declaration in a viral video, asserting his right to life and safety. In this impactful video, Portable leaves no room for doubt, boldly proclaiming, “I no be goat now, make I tell Una, Una no fit k!ll me the way Una k!ll….”

This powerful statement conveys his unwavering resolve to safeguard his well-being and ensure that he remains unharmed. In the same breath, he references the unfortunate incident involving Mohbad, emphasizing that such actions should not be attempted with him.

His message serves as a stern warning to anyone who might have sinister intentions, making it clear that any attempt to harm him will not go unanswered. Portable’s words resonate with determination, asserting his right to life and personal security in no uncertain terms.

This video has undoubtedly sparked discussions and reactions, highlighting the importance of safety and self-preservation in the face of potential threats. It also underscores the power of social media as a platform for artists to voice their concerns and demands for safety within the industry.

Watch the video here:

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng