“I Never Thought I Will Fall In Love Until I Met Her”– Netizens Pray For Fruit Of Womb For Anty Ramota As Her New Boyfriend Takes Her Out For Shopping (Watch)

Anty Ramota is making waves online with her newfound romance, which blossomed from a blind date arranged by celebrity Chin.

In recent developments, Anty Ramota’s new beau, Oko Ramota, has treated her to a shopping spree for the second time this month. While some speculate that their interactions could be part of a skit, the extent of their relationship remains uncertain.

Fans are hopeful that their connection might deepen into something more significant, with some even expressing wishes for a pregnancy that would grant Anty Ramota the title of mother.

He wrote: I never thought I’ll fall in love until I met you @auntyramota_authentic 🥰

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Oluwatiobijamesbamgbola wrote: It’s against the traffic rule for her to seat in front of,where is her booster seat ?

Wumishegun wrote: Aunty Ramota no wan take chances, mama just dey pick her money 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ivyscents wrote: Make Aunty ramota change her slippers ooo, coming out from venza.😮

Risqotyisau wrote: I Don laff enta gutter😂😂😂😂😂😂. Ramota too like money

Alagazion wrote: Thanks to @oko_ramota for loving @auntyramota__authentic genuinely and taking good care of her. she is now gentle. Love is a good thing.

Ebony_dee wrote:’ If to say I jam aunty ramota for blackbell 😂I for look for your Wahala small

Fabulousnikky wrote: I just wish he can sleep with her and get her pregnant so she can have a baby of her own.She deserves someone to call her own

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