“I need 20 Grammy Awards, I know I will get it” – Davido brag

In a recent statement that caught the attention of many, David Adedeji Adeleke, widely recognized by his stage name Davido, the eminent Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer, expressed a bold sentiment regarding his Grammy Awards aspirations. Davido boldly proclaimed that he believed he deserved more than the already impressive tally of 20 Grammy Awards, showcasing his unwavering confidence and ambition in his craft.

During an exclusive interview with a prominent platform, Davido received news that he had garnered nominations for the Grammy Awards across three distinct categories this year. This recognition underscored his significant impact on the global music scene, particularly within the realm of Afrobeat on the African continent.

The interviewer, acknowledging Davido’s pivotal role in shaping the landscape of Afrobeat music, seized the opportunity to delve into the personal significance of these prestigious nominations. With anticipation and curiosity, the interviewer sought Davido’s perspective on what the esteemed Grammy nominations meant to him on a deeply personal level, inviting a glimpse into the multifaceted emotions and aspirations driving the acclaimed artist’s journey.

In response, the singer said, “Shout out to the academy; this is my first nomination ever, so it’s crazy to get three at one time.”

Speaking further, he emphasized the hard work put into the album and record, stating, “We worked really hard on this album, on this record, and I was always just patient.”

He concluded by expressing his belief in deserving multiple Grammys, saying, “If you ask me if I deserve Grammys in the past, if you ask me, I need 20 Grammys already. But like I said, God’s timing is the best.”

The singer’s statement caught the attention of many social media users who have shared their thoughts on the post’s comment page.

See some reactions below:

@Homiebishop: “If this one no win am em fit die oo.”

@Adanma007: “This guy is really trying tho.”

@Adanma007: “And he deserves that 20 Grammy.”

@Seun_bask: “This boyyyy too fooolish an hypocrite! He will hate on things he doesn’t have then once he achieved it or want to achieve it he will be celebrating and waffling about.”

@timi_of_lagos: “It looks like he already bought a slot because he’s so confident he’s getting a Grammy award.”


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng