I love handsome guys alot, I got into music because I had a crush on a guy – Tiwa Savage reveals

Tiwa Savage, the Nigerian singer, shared that her path into music was influenced by a crush she had on a man frequently spotted with artists. She mentioned this during a recent interview on MTV Live while discussing her new project, “Water and Garri”.

Tiwa Savage makes her Nollywood debut with her new film “Water and Gari”.

The movie, “Water and Garri,” is reported to be available on Amazon Prime Video. Unbound Studios and Everything Savage produced the film.

Meji Alabi’s latest film, Water and Garri, is the latest in Prime Video Nigeria’s growing collection of outstanding Nollywood entertainment.

Tiwa Savage claims that acting was her first love before music and that the reason she joined the music industry was to be around her crush.

She said; “I’ve always wanted to do acting. Acting was one of my first love before music. I got into music because I had a crush on a guy and he was always around the musician so I said ‘yeah, forget acting and just go into music.’”

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng