I know say after God na government, abeg forgive me if you have videos of me spraying money – Portable begs EFCC (Video)

Popular Nigerian artist Portable was caught on video pleading with the EFCC regarding the misuse of naira currency, a clip that has gone viral on social media. The footage shows Portable admitting to having misused the currency in the past by spraying money on the streets. In light of the EFCC’s arrest and detention of Bobrisky for similar offenses, including spraying and mutilating currency, Portable expresses concern about facing similar consequences and appeals to the EFCC for forgiveness. It’s worth noting that nightlife figure Cubana Chiefpriest has also been arrested by the EFCC.

According to Portable, following God, the authority lies with the Government, which extends to the EFCC’s ability to arrest individuals.

During his Instagram live session, Portable displayed some clever maneuvering, urging the EFCC to provide evidence if they possess videos of him publicly spraying money.

Supporting his argument, Portable explained that he used to spray money to foster a bond with his fans and followers, clarifying that he refrains from doing so at clubs, weddings, and other events.

Expanding on his message, Portable encouraged his fans to open bank accounts, stating that there will no longer be any money spraying.

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zaktherobot: Smart move! They should forgive him. 👏

mayorsoj: Who else sees this guy as internally wise? The guy get sense 💯.

swimpronigeria: He doesn’t want to swim in the cell 😊.

liciacrest:  Smart guy! Your sense is working perfectly!.

destinyamaka: 😂😂 see my guy has wisdom backed with humility 🙈😂

annabelllaa32: Person wey no dey prison no know Wetin God do for am.

jasper_.ben: No body wise pass portable for this industry 😂😂😂😂.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng