I Just Have To Let People Know The Reason, Bolanle Ninalowo As He Reveal Why my marriage Ended

Nollywood star Bolanle Ninalowo has opened up about his separation from his ex-wife, Bunmi, and he emphasized that their broken marriage was not a mistake. In a recent interview with TVC Connect, the 43-year-old actor addressed the situation and clarified that reports of him finding new love were untrue.

Back in September, Bolanle Ninalowo took to Instagram to announce their separation, citing irreconcilable issues as the reason for their decision to part ways. While speaking in the interview, he reflected on this significant life event, highlighting that the end of his marriage was not something he considered a mistake. This suggests that he sees it as a necessary step in his life’s journey.

Bolanle Ninalowo’s candid discussion about his personal life and relationships sheds light on the challenges people face in matters of the heart and the importance of making decisions that align with one’s own path and growth. His openness allows for a deeper understanding of the complexities of love, relationships, and the courage to move forward when necessary.

He wrote, “Finally, I accept the reality of the end to a road! A sad reality that gives room and hope for a brighter and more fulfilling future! A fact that is sad for my loving and adorable children but necessary for a peaceful and loveable future. “A sad reality I prayed, nurtured and worked tirelessly hard never to experience for the sake of all. This is a tragic reality I now have to accept as I realise that my kids are much grown with a better sense of understanding and knowledge of my pain and struggles regarding them! “A sad reality that screams that I won’t live or be around forever and must take care of my health and mental state for the goodness of all. May God help me and reward me with all I truly deserve or punish me for all I have done wrong if that be the case. Ultimately, we will all live with the consequences of our actions.” The couple initially met in 2004 and tied the knot in 2007. They share two children, a son and a daughter. This is not the first time the movie star has faced separation from his wife. They previously separated and later split over infidelity claims in 2019 but managed to reconcile in 2021. In his latest interview, the actor spoke candidly about his ex-wife, emphasizing that his love for her and their children had always been genuine. He expressed, “I am a very special kind of person; I am anointed, I am graceful, and I am very spiritual. My ex-wife was not a mistake in my life; it was divine, and the next woman I will meet would also be divine. You cannot have a destination without a journey, and I am journeying through life. I am not interested in meeting a million women, but when I see the woman, I will know.” “A woman is so beautiful that you saw that I celebrated. First of all, none of you knew that woman until I brought her out to celebrate; everything you saw is of me celebrating a woman; she is not a star; she became a star through me. Get that fact very clear: when I meet another woman tomorrow, and I fall in love with her, I will do precisely the same thing. I am a lover.” Regarding the challenges that led to their separation, he further explained that life had its impact on his marriage. He said, “You need to know when to quit and when to stop; life happened, lesson learnt, and I am healing, and I am currently going on.”

Future partner criteria

The actor, known for his commitment to fitness, shared his criteria for a future partner, emphasizing the significance of self-love in a relationship. Mr Ninalowo said, “The next woman in my life will love me because I love myself. I’m looking for a beautiful, God-fearing woman.” He reassured the program host about his commitment to his children, emphasizing the deep love and care he has for them. He stated, “I speak to my kids, and I have endured for them, and they know I love them.” Before entering the Nigerian movie industry, he initially worked as an accountant in a bank in the United States of America. After relocating to Nigeria, he worked with the Guaranty Trust Bank. His first venture in Nollywood was as a movie producer. He produced his debut film, titled “Rebirth,” in 2011.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng