I Have Someone I’m Dating Right Now And At The Same Time I’m Not In Relationship For Now, Lege Miami Reveal Things About His Life In New Interview With TVC News (Watch)

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Lege Miami revealed a day before the interview that he is going live on TVC News for an interview and he is going to talk and abuse many people online.

During the interview, he was questioned if he was in love with any ladies and ready to get married.

He replied in a very weird way that he is in love and not in love again but he has a baby mama who has two kids for him but they are not compatible which is why they went their separate ways

In another interview he revealed why he dropped out of school at a very early stage, he went further to say that he started hustling at JSS1 also to have money to take care of himself.

Tvc News Wrote: When asked about his love life, Popular actor/artiste @legemiamii revealed his current relationship status and why it is that way.

Watch the interesting interview Below;


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng