I Have No Worries Whatsoever Because I Am Very Sure I Trained Both Of You Well, Soji Taiwo Say As He Shares Lovely Fatherly Pictures With His Two Children

Popularly known as Omobanke, Soji Taiwo recently shared heartwarming pictures with his two children, radiating pride in their upbringing. The actor expressed unwavering confidence in the values he instilled in his children, asserting that he has no worries about their character and behavior.

Omobanke went on to commend his children, stating that they have been exceptional right from the beginning and continue to be commendable individuals. In a display of paternal affection, he expressed pride in their accomplishments and the people they have become.

The actor extended heartfelt prayers to his children, seeking divine protection and abundant blessings for their future. His sincere wishes for their well-being resonated with fans and fellow celebrities, eliciting a warm response.

In response to the post, celebrities and fans alike flooded the comments section with various expressions of love, using emojis and heartfelt messages to convey their admiration for Omobanke’s family. The interaction exemplifies the close connection between celebrities and their fan base on social media platforms.

As Soji Taiwo shares this glimpse into his family life, it becomes a moment of celebration and positivity, showcasing the bond between a father and his children. The outpouring of love and well-wishes from the online community highlights the impact of public figures in shaping narratives and fostering a sense of connection with their audience.

He Wrote: I have no worries whatsoever because I am very sure I trained both of you well , you guys have been the best from way back and you haven’t stopped . I see all your achievements , and I am proud of you , to say the least . I hope you guys keep making waves . I miss you and I pray that the lord protections be upon you , blessings shall locate you in all ramifications of life 🙏 OLUWALONIGLORY #OluwaLoniGlory See The Pictures Below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng