“I don’t want to have kids and husband again, my last boyfriend use to cheat on me with fine girl” – Aunty Ramota shocks fans, declares no interest in marriage, kids

Nigerian actress Ramota Adetu, popularly known as Aunty Ramota, shared a touching story from her romantic history and expressed her decision to forgo marriage, children, and a traditional family setup. This revelation came to light in a video titled ‘Aunty Ramota’s pride diminishes as she opens up.’ Throughout the video, she responded promptly and thoughtfully to various inquiries posed to her.

Regarding her romantic life, when questioned about her desire for a family, she responded negatively. Similarly, when asked about her own family, she stated, ‘I don’t have one.’ Furthermore, when queried about having children of her own, she promptly expressed disinterest, stating, ‘I didn’t want to.’ She elaborated by likening men to waste, indicating she repels them. When questioned if a man ever professed love to her, she recounted an incident where the same individual insulted her, causing her distress. This episode, she emphasized, remains unforgettable. Her remarks stirred significant discussion among social media users, prompting them to engage on the comment page of the post.

See some reactions below:

AyoPweety: “This aunty ramota nah oloribukuru ☺️… God wey create aunty ramota like this don know the kind of person she go become for real life.”

Infertility and IVF Advocate: “Why didn’t they no use Aunty Ramota as princess in Anikulapo sef? Action po bi ogogo.”

Hhanny Bhee03: “Best in saying katikati…..how I wish I can send voice note u for see ur self this morning.”

Mhiz Dammylolla: “i no dey family mo lo school primary 2 ni mo ti par, metter melon, Aunty Ramota please don’t kill me with laugh.”

jesussaves: “Na the first interview way I go see aunty ramota being calm be this.”

Ejitty: “whats the different between Aunty Ramota and Aunty idowu.”

mummy p: “Aunty Ramota, one and only, she make me feel good, and happy.”

KEJI OJELADE: “that part in film really site u. because you are just like what u did in the film.”

prettymidea: “Há no be no network attitude be this make dem ask u get money make u say u just commot for bathroom no be different things.”


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng